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Sustainability Charter & Guiding Principles

International Zinc Association

Sustainability Charter

In 2001 IZA members adopted a Sustainability Charter which outlines a number of fundamental business principles that ensure IZA members conduct their activities in harmony with the natural environment and the needs of a sustainable society. The Charter was expanded in 2011 by children’s rights and climate protection.

View the full text of the Sustainability Charter 

The Sustainability Charter is accompanied by 11 Guiding Principles providing greater clarity and best practice examples to the commitments mentioned in the Charter. View the Guiding Principles: [images and links to the PDFs]

  1. Product Stewardship
  2. Business Ethics
  3. Community Consultation
  4. Employee Health & Safety
  5. Environmental Management
  6. Children’s Rights
  7. Climate Change
  8. Managing Minor Elements
  9. Mine Closure
  10. Mine Tailings
  11. Sustainability Reporting