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Bangladesh Study Provides Proof of Zinc’s Benefits

A two-year, community-based trial in rural Bangladesh, which included 30 health worker areas and nearly 12,000 child years of observation, further proved that zinc supplementation is effective in the treatment of diarrhea. Children living in areas where zinc supplementation was recommended in conjunction with ORS therapy had a 23% shorter duration of diarrhea episodes than children living in areas where ORS therapy alone was the accepted treatment. The children living in zinc-supplemented areas also experienced a shorter duration of persistent diarrhea illness, fewer days of illness attributed to acute lower respiratory infections, and fewer hospitalizations.

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MalnutritionInIndia29 April 2014

Article Sheds Light on Critical Problem of Malnutrition in India

A recent news article in the national dailies shares dozens of statistics on the fate of those who go hungry in India, a problem dubbed “a national shame,” yet one which seems to garner little action from politicians.

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Screen Shot 2014-04-10 at 11.14.27 AM10 April 2014

Micronutrient Forum Global Conference

Registration is now open for this IZA-sponsored event organized by the Micronutrient Forum, which will include important discussions about micronutrient malnutrition.

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Flooding in the district of Muzzafargarh

13 January 2014

Pakistan among the countries with the highest number of deaths due to diarrhea

Researcher in Pakistan says the country is not doing all it can to prevent childhood deaths from diarrhea

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1026bacteria12 December 2013

Zinc kills pneumonia-causing bacteria by starving it to death

Researchers describe how zinc “jams shut” a protein transporter in bacteria so that it cannot take up nutrients it needs, preventing it from infecting–and sometimes killing–millions of people annually.

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MDG : Monitoring malnutrition in Bangladesh

19 February 2013

Study finds increased zinc deficiency in Children in Bangladesh

Bangladesh’s first ever combined micronutrient survey reveals that zinc deficiency is present in more than half of children under 5.

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