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For over a century, zinc has enhanced the longevity and performance of steel. Zinc coatings provide the most effective and economical way of protecting steel against corrosion which, left unchecked, is estimated to cost an industrialized country’s economy at least 4% of GDP each year. Zinc-coated or galvanized steel offers a unique combination of properties unmatched by any other material.

There are other zinc coating methods used to protect steel including zinc-rich paint, electro-statically (plated) applied zinc, and mechanically applied zinc. These methods of applying zinc to steel for corrosion protection are very different from galvanizing, and may be inappropriate for some situations and environmental exposures.



Case Study
img_galv_casestudyUK_snowdon_1Snowdon Visitors CenterAt 1,085 metres, this unique visitor centre is one of the highest building in the UK, responding to one of the most extreme climatic locations: the mountain endures facing winds of 120mph, temperatures that can go below -20°C and 5 m of rain every year. The list of special design considerations for this unique project is endless – life cycle costs, building life, sustainable development and complex design considerations.

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GalvInfo Notes
Detailed FAQs on the terminology and use of zinc-or metallic-coated steel sheet.

Galvanized Rebar Resource Center
Info on the properties and performance of hot dip galvanized reinforcing steel.